Surtech Magnetic Fleece 1000 / 2000

  • Surtech Magnetic Fleece

  • Surtech Magnetic Fleece

With the Surtech Magnetic Fleece, every wall becomes a magnetic wall, on which information media such as notes, plans, sketches, concepts, teaching materials, stickers or other messages can be attached using commercially available magnets. Thus, interior walls quickly and cleanly become suitable presentation surfaces - without elaborate rails, plates or magnetic paint and plaster systems.

Surtech Magnetic Fleece 2000 - Extra strong
With the extra strong Surtech Magnetic Fleece 2000 you achieve an even higher magnetic adhesion of the wall. This makes Surtech Magnetic Fleece 2000 particularly suitable for commercial use or in situations where heavier media should be placed on the magnetic wall.

The Surtech Magnetic Fleece is quickly and simply attached to the wall with the aid of a strong dispersion adhesive (e.g., Ovalit TM), transforming smooth surfaces into creative surfaces thanks to its iron-containing film.

The fine non-woven surface can be coated with different colors on request and integrates itself harmoniously into the room design. The magnetic function of the wall is not perceptible in the room design and is only visible when it is in use.

Scope of application

The Surtech Magnetic Fleece can be used anywhere in the interior where a smooth surface is available which is to become a magnetic wall surface. After application, a further design can be carried out by means of commercially available solvent-free polyurethane, acrylic, latex and dispersion paints. The colors should be softener-resistant to prevent adhesive effects. The resulting magnetic surface integrates itself into the room harmony and remains imperceptible until its use.

Material composition / material and product characteristics

The Surtech Magnetic Fleece is a multi-layered wall covering with an iron-covered vinyl film as a middle layer and a recoatable glass fleece top. The back of the Magnetic Fleece is formed by a skin-friendly PES fleece for optimum adhesion to a wide range of wall surfaces.

The Surtech MagnetVlies has no shielding effect, does not affect mobile phones or WLAN and is not conductive.

Material weight

Surtech Magnetic Fleece 1000: ca. 1100 g/m²
Surtech Magnetic Fleece 2000: ca. 2000 g/m²

Available units

Product Width in cm Length in m    
Surtech Magnetic Fleece 1000 100 10,4 5,2 2,6
Surtech Magnetic Fleece 2000 100   5,2 2,6
Included magnets   10 pieces 5 pieces 2 pieces

Substrate pretreatment

Surtech Surtech Magnetic Fleece can be glued on all smooth interior plaster, plasterboard and gypsum plasterboard, wallpapered concrete as well as on all carpentry and chipboards after professional preparation. The substrate must be smooth, clean, dry, uniformly absorbent and load bearing. Old wallpapers and paintings are to be removed completely. Rough subsoils should be smoothed with gypsum-containing putties. Treat strongly absorbent, slightly chalking or smearing substrates with a water-thinnable wallpaper primer. The substrate must remain absorbent.

Wall gluing

For gluing, the room and surface temperature must not be below + 16 ° C. The drying time is about 30 hours at + 18 ° C. Use only high-adhesion dispersion adhesives, for example spatula glue, and apply by means of a toothed spatula. Then roll the entire surface with a saturated ink roller, so that the teeth of the glue are rolled out and distributed on the surface. Rollable or sprayable adhesive dispersion adhesives can be applied by roller or airless device. Carefully apply the strips to the flush and immediately apply evenly with a hard plastic tissue spatula. Do not overtop or shift the web. Remove the glue from the seam area immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.

The inside corners and outside edges must be cut. The appropriate attachment of corner profiles or profile rails is mandatory for external corners. Room-high bonding of wall connection to the corner or fixtures is useful. A seamless connection to other wall coverings is not possible; When using a suitable bonding bridge, the magnetic coating can be coated with a dispersion filler.

Adhesive consumption

Approx. 250 - 350 g / m²


23 ° C 60% rel. humidity
Recoatable: after 16-24 hours. Dried: after 30 hours.

Finishing / coating / color design

After good drying of the bonded webs, the glass nonwoven surface can be coated with suitable coatings according to the desired surface requirements. The coating can be carried out with solvent-free polyurethane, acrylic, latex and dispersion paints. The colors should be softener-resistant to prevent adhesive effects.

1. Coating: For sufficient saturation of the glass nonwoven surface, spread matte coatings evenly on the web using a color roller.
2. Paint: After sufficient drying of the first coat, apply a second coating according to the desired degree of surface gloss (dull, satin / silky, glossy). Care should be taken to ensure uniform application and distribution of the paint.

Color consumption: 250 - 350 g / m² for two color coatings

Magnetic recommendation

The adhesive force of the magnets depends on the material, geometry and volume of the magnet, as well as the final coating of the Surtech magnetic fleece.

It is recommended to use neodymium magnets. Matching magnets can be found in our Onlineshop.


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